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Got Sales in Your Soul? Print
Employer: The Security Awareness Company
Employment Type: Full Time

PLEASE visit, scroll down to and click on "Sales Person". There you will see a very detailed description of everything you could want to know about the job and the type of person we are looking for. This is not a job for everyone but it could be the perfect job for a very specific type of person! 


HUGE SALES OPPORTUNITY FOR THE RIGHT PERSON… seriously, you gotta be the right person.

We are small. A lifestyle company. Sort of geeky. No, make that kinda geeky. We produce innovative security awareness interactive multimedia content for a global audience of companies from 10 to 300,000. We are absolute leaders in our niche but choose not to grow big.  

We don’t sell shoes, or boxes, or widgets, or food, or cars…   We do not sell to consumers…  We are not a retailer…  We create and provide cyber security awareness training content, materials, and services to help large and small companies train their employees to become more cyber security aware. We also provide comprehensive content delivery mechanisms, which is where our crazy founder, Winn Schwartau, comes in with the geek stuff.

So, sales. Hmmm… some sales folks are the pushy kind whom you want to push right out the door. That’s not us. Some sales folks want to be order takers. Not that either. Think of this as “Consultive Sales” if you will. Customers contact us, so there is no outgoing cold calls. Big customers with names you know. They have already been ‘pre-sold’ on our amazing capabilities through marketing and social media. We are already on the short list. We don’t need to convince them, “You need us…”. They already know that. It’s about so much more…

This job is about tailoring and constructing a workable (not upsold!) suite of content and delivery solutions from an absolutely overwhelming amount of options. That’s why they come to us. Variety. Depth. Flexibility. Imagine…

… your potential customer is pre-sold on how good we are and has definite security awareness needs to train 30,000 employees. Your job is to navigate them through the decision making process. Do they like animation? Do they need it in French or Simplified Chinese? This job is making creative consultative decisions with the client to build an entire Security Awareness Program… and no two are ever the same!

You must  thrives on chaos. The founder has a Chaos Cloud as his halo. Customers are well… customers, and need to be hand held, especially when your main contact is clueless and what is really needed is an “off to the side tech talk” to solve a problem holding up the close.

We have a huge freebies area on our website for any business to use for free, which gives us great leads. Customers want our expertise on how run a security awareness program. How to launch a program. How to make it special for them. How to customize it with the amazing production team to back you up. Oftimes, we let our potential clients close themselves due to our transparency and comprehensive website.

Our ‘sales’ is less about SELLING than it is about guiding someone through the purchasing process and helping them through the decision making process – which means the PROCESS is our biggest ‘sales’ technique.  We try to save them money. We want a good fit because annuity clients are the best clients. We are flexible. We are super-nice and helpful to our clients, and often just chit-chat to brainstorm their next steps. Some are quick sales, under $1,000 when folks call and just want to order something off the shelf. Others take a lot of time – many, many months – with bigger rewards – and renewals!

The focus of this Sales Position is to expand our B2B sales and initiate new ideas and better methodologies for improving the sales process and capturing more clients that meet our ideal profile.


TYPICAL DAILY TASKS: (no particular order of importance)

  • Make inquiries a joy for the potential client – NO HARD SALES! Sell yourself and our company via expertise!

  • Make initial contact with incoming potential clients to provide them introductory information and access to our online demo portal.

  • Enter these new contacts into our CRM.

  • Provide WebEx presentations and conversations with new and renewal clients promoting our content and services.

  • Work closely with the marketing and digital strategy department to assist the sales process.

  • Determine new and renewal client requirements and provide pricing quotations.

  • Send necessary PDF documents to potential clients.

  • Communicate with potential new clients to ensure that they have everything they need from us.

  • Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements, Statements of Work, and Master Service Agreements with new and renewal clients as needed.

  • Work in close communications with our Client Program Manager.

  • Track the process of all potential sales in CRM.

  • Demo our internal LMS capabilities to clients.

  • Interface with SAC partners providing them what they need from a sales perspective.

  • Be the “answer person” about SAC content and its services. Be able to answer any question that may be asked by a potential client during the sales cycle (prior to invoicing). Know when to say, “I don’t know but we have a great team who will get me the answer ASAP!” Confidence. Accuracy. Honesty. Efficiency.

  • Brief our Client Program Manager and Creative Director about and work with their team on custom client project requests and quotations.


MORE DETAILS ON OUR WORK FOR US PAGE! Please read our ad in FULL before filling out the application form.

All requirements are listed in the full job description on our Work For Us page.

Contact Information

The Security Awareness Company

Other Information

Category(s): Sales, Customer Service, Information Technology
Industry: Internet / eCommerce
Experience Req.: Yes
Degree Req.: No
Closing Date: 9/9/2017
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